About - Currie FC
Who are Currie FC?

Who We Are

Currie FC is a local community football club based in Currie and serving the local Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green area and beyond. We currently have teams from age 5 to 16 playing in the local ESSDA and SERYFA leagues.

We are play at a number of local facilities including the following:

- Currie Community Centre
- Currie High School
- Balerno High School
- Oriam Sports Performance Centre

Our coaches are PVG’d disclosed and have undertaken SFA coaching courses and First Aid training. We are all volunteers and are always keen to welcome new coaches to assist us.

Meet The Team

Gerry Butler

Gerry Butler


Colin MacBeth

Colin MacBeth

Child Protection Officer / Vice Chair

Graham McLachlan

Graham McLachlan


Willis Scott

Willis Scott

Coach Co-ordinator

Who are Currie FC?

What We Do

Currie FC provides football coaching to children and young adults with the emphasis on having fun and being healthy rather than on achievement. We initially develop the basic skills and after year one there is the opportunity to start playing small sided games, moving from 4-a-side to 7-a-side and finally 11-a-side. 

We also actively encourage our groups to get involved in tournaments and festivals and a number of our teams have trips planned in the coming months.

Some relationships started now will remain for the rest of the player’s (and their parents) life!


Michael Gregson, Balerno Childrens Gala

Balerno Children’s Gala is delighted that Currie FC is once again supporting the Gala Day through the provision of goalkeepers for the Beat the Goalie competition. Currie FC has provided support for a number of years now which is much appreciated by the Gala Committee and we look forward to your continued involvement in years to come.

Graham Dane, Chair, Currie Community Centre

Currie Community Centre (as Currie Youth Club) is very pleased that Currie FC has been involved with the Centre for around 20 years. We share strong community values and greatly value the association with you and your coaches, players, parents, spectators and everyone who enjoys and benefits from your activities.

You have given outstanding service to the young people of Currie and surrounding areas. The mutual support of Currie FC and Currie Community Centre is a fine example of neighbourly solidarity and we are proud to have this long standing and ongoing partnership.